Taylor Swift is back with a brand new track from her multi-platinum release 1989. This one particular song is said to be the singer’s favourite track released from her fifth studio album 1989. Out of the Woods one of her could be one of the best songs that represents the album 1989. Out of the Woods is about the fragility of relationships and how Taylor goes through one of her most brittle and flimsy stage of relationship.

The video has Taylor Swift rambling through woods dressed in an icy blue dress wondering where her relationship is going, if it is going to go anywhere or not. This particular song from 1989 has influences of 80’s pop music. Another peculiar thing about the song is that it has some weird reference to Swift’s snowmobile incident with former boyfriend, One Direction’s Harry Styles.(ALSO READ: Taylor Swift suffered for her ‘art’)

Taylor Swift premiered the Out of the Woods video on the New Year’s Eve show in New York City’s Times Square. If you have still not seen the enchanting music video watch it here. Watch Taylor Swift’s brand new song Out of the Woods directed by Joseph Kahn below.