The pop megastar Taylor Swift has been away from public view for many months. But on March 11, at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, she won the prize for the female artist of the year. Though she was not present there in person but in a pre-taped video, Swift said “Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this award. But in my absence and to show my gratitude, I really wanted to show you my brand-new video for my new single, Delicate.” Though the name of the song is ‘Delicate’ but it is not what you are expecting.

Twitter User Asks who is a Badder B**ch Than Taylor Swift, Netizens Comes up with answers

Twitter User Asks who is a Badder B**ch Than Taylor Swift, Netizens Comes up with answers

She also explained in the pre-taped video that why she couldn’t attend the award ceremony. She is busy with rehearsals for her upcoming world tour. From her latest album “Reputation”, Swift’s fourth single music video is “Delicate.” This is the most direct song about her own reputation. According to her, it suffered for more than 18 months. (ALSO READ: Quincy Jones criticises Taylor Swift’s music)

After so much speculation Swift finally spoke about her frustrations, current events and relationships. She explained to her fans that how she was stressing over a new crush. The sample lyric of the song says, “My reputation’s never been worse, so you must like me for me.”

Check out the video here:

In this video, it is shown that Taylor Swift at some industry event faking a smile for all the paparazzi on the red carpet where a mysterious piece of sparkling paper has been handed over to her. Then she is being escorted by four securities to the bathroom. And then she started making funny faces in front of the mirror as if no one is watching. Meanwhile, few girls walk in and she suddenly put her fake smile on her face just to realize she has gone invisible. And then she started dancing like nobody’s watching!

So, this new music video clearly describes why Taylor Swift has gone underground for last few months and avoided media attention. But you will definitely enjoy watching the video.