tayler dover

Taylor Swift’s track Shake It Off was a huge hit amongst her fans. Now another video has emerged on the internet featuring a police officer singing along to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off! The video has become a huge hit on YouTube.com. The video shows US police officer Jeff Davis of the Dover Police Department lip syncing the Taylor Swift hit and the whole video has been captured on his DashCam. This version of the song Shake It Off has become a YouTube hit. The officer sassily lip syncs the whole song and pauses to acknowledge passing motorists.

Dover Police posted the video online on Saturday, gathering 13 million views in 48 hours, the video has received 17,151,902 views and 93,624 hits on YouTube. Dover Police took to YouTube and said, “While reviewing in-car cameras, we tend to see some ‘interesting’ things… We decided to share some of them with you in this series called…Dash Cam Confessionals”

The Department said the staged video was made in 15 minutes as a bit of fun they are dubbing ‘DashCam Confessionals’. “We hope you enjoy this… And Taylor Swift, if you’re watching… We’re sorry,” they said. But the original singer of the song loved it and  re-tweeted the video. “Lolololol the sass,” she wrote, while sharing the video to her fans on Twitter. (Taylor Swift delights fans with gifts — Watch video)

Watch Taylor Swift hit song cover by Dover Police here!