Taylor Swift’s much-awaited album Reputation released on November 10 and fans can’t keep calm about it. It’s been three years since her fans got to hear her last album, the excitement was quite predicted. The song ‘Dress’ is what caught the netizen’s attention and Twitterati tried their best to understand its lyrics. Most of her fans on the social media had been trying their best to decode the lyrics and also came up with hidden meanings in it. It is lyrics such as ‘Only bought this dress so you could take it off’ what caught the fancy of Twitterati. Many on social media termed Taylor as the ‘good girl gone bad’. People had been passing similar judgments about her choice of songs, its context, and lyrics in most of her releases. She was heavily criticised and even called ‘man picker’ after the hit ‘Blank Space’ released.

Pop Sensation Taylor Swift Wins the Song of the Year Award at CMA Awards 2017

Pop Sensation Taylor Swift Wins the Song of the Year Award at CMA Awards 2017

While some found interesting how Taylor has references to her love for dresses in most of her songs since the beginning of her career. Meanwhile, some couldn’t stop talking about the photo she posted in a rainbow dress on Instagram after the album was released around midnight. Over the years Taylor has been known for going from a girl next door to bad girl by social media and otherwise.

Here is Taylor’s Instagram post:

#reputation is out. Let the games begin.

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Here is how Twitterati reacted to the lyrics of her new song ‘Dress’:

The singe also uses swear words like s-t in her new song ‘I Did Something Bad,’ which is allegedly about her former flame Calvin Harris.

The lyrics in the song are, If a man talks s–t, then I owe him nothing.” There is also a ‘a**’ , and a ‘damn’. In her last, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ video she called herself a ‘b***h’.

Also, the glittery rainbow dress with a matching jacket she is seen wearing in her Instagram post with the ’cause of death’ was another point of discussion on social media. Taylor, like always is not streaming the 15 songs on the album, other than the first four. Fans will have to pay to hear the rest, either by buying a physical copy or spending USD 13.99 for the iTunes purchase.