Pakistan cricket team’s flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi has been touted to play a crucial role in the side’s performance in 2015 Cricket World Cup, but the charismatic player also enjoys unbelievable limelight. This video uploaded on YouTube sometime in the year 2014, highlights the plight of Shahid Afridi’s injury that turned out to be hilarious – thanks to the epic reaction of the Hyderabadi news reader!

In this video, a Hyderabadi news anchor is reporting about Shahid Afridi being hurt during the net practice and how he ended up with an injured jaw. The news which was not supposed to be funny as the player has been hurt, but one could not stop from bursting into laughter after hearing the female anchor describing a rather sorry incident with her unique presentation. Also Watch: Shahid Afridi caught giving love bites to Ahmed Shehzad!

In her transcript, she mentions how Afridi got his jaws hurt. But as she continues to give details of the player’s condition, she seemed nonchalant about the hue and cry of the same. According to her, cricket is a sport that requires the use of hands and legs and a hurt jaw should not be seen as a big concern. The funniest line during the entire video is when she says, “Jabde se cricket Nhi khelte” we are sure you will off your chair watching this! Take a look.