What is it like to be constantly living in fear of getting arrested – because you love someone? Members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community in several countries including India face the consequences of old thought and laws. But it has been 50 years since the United Kingdom decriminalised homosexuality and to mark the special event, two gays, who are generations apart having a heart to heart talk. A teenager and an old man, 65 years apart share their experiences when they first came out of the closet, their support system, everything from the past and the future in this touching video. UK’s first Muslim gay wedding takes place and the grooms’ faces tell the love they share (See Pictures).

Louis is 13 years old met Percy who is 78 years old at YouTubers Trent and Luke’s show to mark 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in England and Wales. The pair which belonged to vastly different times is seen chatting about the gay culture over the years. Both Louis and Percy are openly gay individuals who came out at an early age. But for Louis, the acceptance was smooth while Percy spoke how back in his adulthood says, his parents were rather scandalized. Currently, Louis has just had a boyfriend while Percy has been in a relationship with almost 90-year-old Roger spanning over 51 years.

Percy asked Louis about what age he came out and what he felt about being gay. Louis narrated that he felt confused about it at first but soon realized that he was gay. Instead of having a face to face conversation with his parents, he messaged his parents. Louis told that he broke down in tears in front of his mother because he did not know what to expect from them but his parents were extremely supportive. His parents told him that they loved him a lot irrespective of whether he was gay or straight.

The old man is heard saying, “I think you’re so lucky the world has changed, and you can just be yourself,” as he narrated about his own experiences in a different era. He told the young boy that till 1967, being gay was a criminal act. He tells that police would come knocking on the door and if two men were caught sleeping in the same bed, it could land them up in jail. Louis’ response to this was, “It amazes me how they could even just say for loving someone, you’re being arrested.” He further adds, “That completely shocks me.”

In the final parts of the video, Louis asks Percy if there is any advice he would want to give him for the future. The experienced man asked him to be true to himself. Percy said, “I’d say, be true to yourself. Stand up for being gay and for actually trying to make people understand that the most important thing is that you can love somebody, doesn’t matter who they are, whether it’s a boy or girl, love is love. And that’s something which is enriching and try to get people to think beyond their immediate sphere. So that we can all be, (I can’t think of a better word) neighbours in the world and not have enemies and to be supportive. ” Louis’ in his choking voice said, Thank You, while viewers were left misty-eyed.