The BMX Businessman

Fond of iPhone photography? The entire Instagram is based on that! Or rather filled with photos taken on the Apple iPhone. So why not a short film, too? Mashable decided to experiment with the recently launched Apple iPhone 6S Plus. A team from the popular US website has made a short film with the iPhone 6S Plus. Titled The BMX Businessman, it simply shows a man in a business suit on his way to work on a BMX bike. Like it happens with all of us, he gets late on the way and then tows along.

The short film shows his adventures along the way. It’s a delightful little film about a businessman and his BMX bicycle. And, no doubt about it, the end product is of high quality. All the more, if you watch it in 4K quality on your player!

What will we have next? Hollywood movies shot on the iPhone? Our rating for the movie The BMX Businessman is 4 stars out of 5!