Denzel Washington plays a retired black ops government operative who works at a Home Depot. He vows that he will forget the way he led his life and start over to his wife before she passed away and he keeps the promise but people keep indirectly keep instigating him to rekindle the ways of his past.

After his mistreated friend lands in a hospital from her injuries, he forgets the vow given to his deceased wife and eliminates goons who beat his friend up. The goons worked for a mob boss and he sends his hitman to find and kill the man who took out his band of goons.

Being a smart black ops operative for several years, Denzel Washington outsmarts the hitman while continuing his version of street justice and equalizing the string of unjust acts by the goons and the mob bosses men. What happens next is what makes this film aptly set in the action thriller genre. Watch the trailer of The Equalizer below.