There is a lot being said about the water crisis. But do you actually know the real consequences of this problem? This hard-hitting video called The Girl Who Couldn’t Cry – Water is Life shows a young slum girl’s life, who despite her hardships doesn’t cry.

In spite of the fact that she finds out her mother is a prostitute and that the girl herself was born in a brothel, the girl can’t cry. She works sorting garbage and is forcefully married to an old man, but she doesn’t cry. She finds her brother dead on the road but she never sheds a tear.

The reason? Extreme dehydration prevents the body from producing tears and makes a desperate situation worse.

This video is powered by WATERisLIFE: Transforming communities through clean water. It reminds us that no matter how bad a life-situation is, it’s made so much worse by the lack of a basic necessity like clean water. So stop taking for granted the basic elements of your life.

Watch the powerful video below of The Girl Who Couldn’t Cry.