The Hunger Games has been one of the few rare movies that has stayed loyal to its books and not gained much criticism. The only problem with the film has always been its end, which kept the fandom waiting at the edge of the seat for the next part. This tradition continued as the first part of the final movie, Mockingjay, released last November. Fans all over the world were left moist-eyed at the end of the first part. There is a ray of silver lining for them to hold on to.

After a teaser that raised the expectations of the fans all over the world and breaking the internet at Comic Con 2015 with Stand With Us, the official trailer is finally out. The trailer covers every aspect of the movie that makes it a phenomenon. From Katniss’ patent speech, which inspires millions of people both in the districts as well as in the world, to the fierce approach of the Capital towards the people. Every moment, every emotion is beautifully captured and wrapped up in this two and a half minute trailer.

The revolution is coming, and Katniss with the Wings of the Mockingjay will lead it to theatres on November 20th. The trailer captures the essence of the last part of this series and highlights the fight beautifully. Here’s the entire trailer to make your weekend!