Tyler Durden and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh InsaanIn the cult classic Fight Club, Brad Pitt portrayed a character called Tyler Duren who was the perfect epitome of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch (Superman or Overman), who represented the next step in human evolution. It’s fair to say that Tyler doesn’t hold a candle to Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, who as we know is the closest a real person has ever come to realising Nietzsche’s Ubermensch (Superman or the Overman) and unlike Durden, is not a figment of our imagination. And unlike Fight Club, you keep on talking about Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan.

In a new documentary titled The Super Human, which seems like a follow-up of the seminal work that was Messenger of God, we are told the various reasons Gurmeet Ram Rahin Singh Insaan is basically a combination of Leonardo Da Vinci, Swami Vivekananda, Steve Jobs, Usain Bolt and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The only difference from MSG is this documentary claims that he can do those things. And he manages all this with a swagger that none of them could ever muster. The video starts by telling us how the man has 25 world records which include tree planting, blood donations, sanitising hands and coin tossing for some reason. Here are 5 avatars of Guruji you didn’t know anything about:

The Bodybuilder and Sportsman

guruji the bodybuilder

While he may not look the part, we’re assured that Guruji is a sportsman par excellence, who obviously doesn’t think it’s fair of him to participate in athletic contests with mere mortals. Not only can he hit an 8 in cricket, he seems to have invented a free-kick technique that would put Cristiano Ronaldo to shame.

He can also pull a 12 ton bus with his chest and lift a car (jacks obviously are for losers). Not just happy playing games, he claims among other things, to have invented T-20 cricket and a bizarre game called Gulstick! And he can totally rock it in the gym (proper form is for losers), without losing a beer belly and shoulder hair, hence also promoting a positive body image. Can Tyler Durden claim to do that?

The Social Reformer

Gurmeet the Social Reformer

Not only does he empower women by adopting prostitutes, but he also convinced 1500 youngsters to marry these women, making him inarguably the greatest wingman of all time. He also tells us how his organisation helps hijras, donates blood, plants trees and is there wherever natural calamities striker.

The Complete Designer

Gurjuji Designer

If you thought Tony Stark was special because he could design a suit of armour, he has got nothing on guruji. Apparently, guruji is a set designer, fashion designer, interior designer, exterior designer, automobile designer and people go crazy ( good crazy obviously) seeing his clothes. He is also an architect and engineer par excellence who can make buildings in days, construction of which takes mere mortals over years. Can Tony Stark even claim to possess a minute amount his talent?

The Musician

Guruji the Singer

While Looooove Charger might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it seems to be pretty popular with his fans. In fact, if we’re talking just numbers, Guruji will probably give the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones et al a run for their money. The documentary even claims that every time he performs, he composes 7 news songs which he performs all night long.

A Complete All Rounder

guruji the chef

We’re also told that he can among other things cook like a dream, take pictures from a moving vehicle, grow 13 crops from one type of soil, cured HIV, started the Swach Bharat Campaign before Modi and even brought back people from the dead. Apparently, there’s nothing he can’t do other than get rid of arm-hair and that pot belly.

The Master of Illusion

the universal appeal


And inarguably the greatest reason to adore babaji is because he seems to have more charisma than any leader known to mankind, which includes the likes of Jesus, Mohammed or any avatar of God known to man. Even modern day icons like Salman Khan, Narendra  Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and J. Jayalalitha with their millions of followers have nowhere close to the iconic status achieved by Gurmeet Ram Rahin Singh Insaan. Watch the video now, for the greatest treat you will ever get!