Humans have always maintained a special bond with animals. There are plenty of stories where the humans have saved animals or vice versa. Here is another such story, but with a twist.  A 17-year old elephant, Throngsi, from Chiang Mai in Thailand comes to the rescue of her caretaker when a man pretends to attack him.

Throngsi roars and makes it a point to defend him. She guards her caretaker by circling him. The video below shows how caring and affectionate Throngsi is to her caretaker. The bond between her and caretakers looks inseparable.

Every time her caretakers play a prank on her, she comes and defends them. Throngsi does everything she can to help her caretaker. Isn’t it wonderful? Indeed it is. The video very well shows how animals show love and care just like humans.

It is a known fact that the Elephants show their emotions and also mourn their dead. Throngsi does show same emotion towards her caretaker. No doubt the caretakers love her too. The Elephants undeniably are awesome creatures. What are you waiting for check out the whole video below-