Monsoon has already hit many part of the country and with it has come the love and hate relationship which exists between us and the rains. Ofcourse it is pleasant feeling to have heavy rain showers, till the point you can enjoy it from just adoring droplets from you window. The moment one has to step out in the rain, that too not for dancing in it but to go out and work and then again come home. That is the saga, the amazing song by The Viral Fever team narrates of monsoon.

TVF CoCan Studio recreated one of the hugely popular song ‘In The End’ originally sung by Linkin’ Park. Also in the video, being the humorous and talented ones, their monsoon song has hook from one of the songs from the movie Lagaan in their own style. They already won heart for recreating two the most iconic songs from different genres and not ruining them apart from completely changing the lyrics.

The lyrics are pure genius and describes story of yours and mine in monsoon from our own parts of the world. Anecdotes like calling your boss to inform that you will be late or just work from home, have been put in the song. And how umbrella is one thing you just cannot do without in monsoon. (ALSO READ: Irrfan Khan tries stuff ‘aaj kal ke bacche’ do and slays it!)

The reason we call it a hate and relationship is for rain makes it difficult by disrupting the daily routine. However, rain brings happiness even more than that.

Here watch the video: