'The Xpose' song 'Catch me if you can' isn't catchy atall!

So the new song from the movie The Xposé has a Himesh Reshammiya, Mika Singh and Mohit Chauhan performing together! But wait, before you raise your expectations, get disappointed and cry your lungs out; you have to know that the song is a great example of talent being wasted.

Catch me if you can will teach you how to take two really good singers (sorry, Himesh is not considered) and give them mere two lines to sing just to make the number look like a big-budget song!

If Leonardo DiCaprio listens to this song, he might want to go back in the past and change the name of his movie that had the same title! This song is like a mixture of Dhan Tana from Kaminey and some ’70s song, but unfortunately the mixture has gone wrong.

If you are into fast beat wannabe suspense songs, then this is the song for you. What’s more disappointing and annoying than wasting such amazing artists is this (refer to the picture above) expression of Himesh Reshammiya, which is probably in every song of the movie!

What’s with copying Leo’s look from The Great Gatsby so badly? And being so proud of it that you shove this scene everywhere!

All we can say is, Mohit Chauhan and Mika Singh would soon regret this decision to sing for Himesh. ‘Catch this song if you can’ here: