If you are a Disney fan like me, you can feel the excitement of having your own version of Disney princesses. Unsurprisingly, when four women were informed about them being re-drawn as Disney inspired princess, they thrill knew no bounds. But along with the eagerness, they were also tad skeptical over the stereotypes Disney came with. Well, their worries were blown away as you can see in this beautiful video. ALSO SEE: 10 Stunning Pictures of Disney Princess in Modern Avatars Will Leave You Spellbound.

Disney artist John Ramirez met the four women and started drawing Disney Princesses that closely resembled them. The four ladies were not just worried about being misjudged over ethnicity but also wished to be seen as more realistic in terms of beauty standards. In the video featured an Indian girl who was often given role of either Jasmine (who is Arabic) or Pocahontas (Native American). ALSO SEE: 13 Disney Princesses reimagined as Anime characters.

On the other hand, a Philippine girl claimed how she was automatically said to be redrawn as Mulan despite her not being Chinese. As for the other two females, they wished Disney Princess could be like ‘normal curvy’ and that ‘she never felt herself represented as Latina’. So there were too many challenges for Disney artist and at the same time hell load of expectations to create wonder. ALSO READ: Bollywood actresses as Disney Princesses!




Indian princess

John Ramirez sat down with the four, sketching their idea of Disney Princesses that would best resemble them. Once finished with the final touches, he showed them their sketches. Much to the surprise of not only the four ladies but also viewers watching this video, it came as one beautiful memoir. Well, high time Disney broke stereotypes and came with new Princesses very soon. ALSO READ: How will Disney Princesses look plus-size?