Kids! They really are the damnest, darnest things on planet earth! They do the most amazing things in the simplest of ways and sometimes the way they act or behave can leave you in splits. They are universally liked for their antics and at times, even when they are trying to be serious, they can send you off into peals of laughter. Baby videos are always an instant hit among the audiences and they cheer you up, no matter what your mood. From little babies trying to eat their food by themselves and only creating a mess to babies playing with animals to baby crying videos – there’s a whole lot of them online and they are all amazingly funny!

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But then, nothing is as hilarious and crazy as this one little baby video. this 8-month old girl is seeing another baby for the first time! Little Olivia was brought by her mom Megan Kashner to the hospital after the birth of her cousin. She was seeing another baby, especially a cousin for the first time and at first didn’t really know what to do with Baby Remington. She sort of just looked completely confused and lost and kept looking around. Finally, after getting permission from her mom, she slowly leaned in and kissed her. And then, looked up again at her mom to see if that was allowed. Once her mom nodded, she just couldn’t stop kissing and went right on! It is the cutest thing ever!

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Little Olivia keeps kissing Baby Remington like the baby is a doll! She’s so excited that she kisses the baby all over – cheeks or head, it doesn’t matter! She even bumps head with the baby in her happiness! At one point it looks like her little mouth will eat the baby’s head, so excited is she to kiss! it’s a completely heart-melting ‘awww’ video that’ll bring colour back to your life and make your Friday a little more happy! Babies are indeed the sweetest things and such moments simply define babies and their moods. Such an adorable sweetheart you are Olivia! You just made our day! While talking to Daily Mail, the mother said, “‘It was so hilarious and cute. ‘I can’t watch the video without laughing or smiling. ‘At first Olivia reacted somewhat shy to Remington. She just kind of stared at her, and looked back up at me.”

Aww little Olivia. We hope you get to play loads with Baby Remington. Just go a little easy on those kisses please?