Wellington: In a bid to reduce waste on board its planes, Air New Zealand is experimenting with a new edible coffee cup! Yes, a edible cup, which you can eat after you are done drinking your coffee.

The airline has begun serving coffee in edible cups in an attempt to eliminate waste generated by the eight million disposable cups the flag carrier uses each year. The new cups, tailor-made for Air New Zealand, have been brought out in vanilla flavour and are resistant to melting from warm fluids, such as coffee.

In a statement, Air New Zealand said the coffee cups were being tested “in the air and on the ground” as part of its efforts to find “innovative ways to meet sustainability challenges”.

“It not only retains its warmth but I can also eat this when I’m finished with my coffee,” the airlines’ head of customer experience, Katie Holmetier, said in a promotional video.

The airline has also collaborated with Twiice, a family business based in New Zealand that specializes in making edible cups, reported CNN Travel.

Nikki Chave, who is the customer experience manager of the airline, told CNN that the customer feedback for edible cups has so far been positive.

In the past too, the airline had switched to biodegradable cups on flights and in its lounges. In July, the airline ditched single-use plastic containers in favour of small reusable bowls to serve condiments.

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