Music has amazing power. It has the power to move you, to heal you and to change your life. And that is exactly what happened with a little boy. A young autistic boy got the chance to see his favourite music band Coldplay perform live in Mexico. He went to see the performance with his family and then, suddenly in the middle of the performance got tearful. Coldplay performed his favourite song ‘I will try to fix you’ and he was extremely excited. Though he was super excited, he got very emotional at the same time and couldn’t really control his tears. He did not know what to do. He was cheering on but tears began flowing!

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His father supported him through the moment and he just hid his face in his father’s shoulder and began to cry in earnest. It was a very touching moment. The video was later uploaded by the father on social media channels and has since then been viewed multiple times and gone viral. Coldplay themselves shared the video and even posted a note about it for the boy! The tender moment where the little kid shows his love for his favourite band is clearly visible in the video and the way he tears up. It is indeed a beautiful moment for the family too. Coldplay shared the video with the words – Hola Luis y tu hijo hermoso! Love (This kind of thing makes it all worthwhile).

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The kid has garnered a whole lot of love from autistic people, Coldplay fans as well as the social media junkies. Everyone is moved by the video and expressed their love and support for the little boy.