Social media is a place where every day we get to see some bizarre trends and surprisingly we tend to watch the entire video. There are some videos that we know is insane but it is so intriguing that we have no other option but to watch the whole of it. While makeup artists are making a whole lot of money on Instagram through their talent, their insane ideas sometimes can get one hooked to it. A recent trend has been taking the internet by storm where makeup artists are seen giving a makeover to a potato. Yes, you heard that right!

In this latest potato makeover trend, MUA’s are doing everything that they do on a face, on a potato. Starting from primer to the finishing touches, everything is being applied on a potato. Not just that, they are even adding a wig to the potato to complete the look. In this 15 seconds video, you will get to see a whole face on the potato and it will definitely flip your mind. These videos also encourage one to try out a hand in “potato art” and share their work online. It is surely a fun video to watch.

The video starts with MUAs applying foundation on the potato and then going on to creating the eyes by putting eyeshadow, liner and drawing the brows. Post that, nose contouring is created and then the lips are painted and the last step is to add a wig.

Watch the videos here:

Other videos that have been trending on social media is where MUA use eyelashes on their nose. Yes, it does sound bizarre but again you will get tempted to watch it. Another one being Asian women taking off their makeup and showing their real skin. There are many other trending videos out there on social media that will give you chills.