There are several workout videos that fitness posts that motivate us to hit the gym and push our boundaries. But this fitness video is the perfect excuse for anyone who hates any physical tasks. A viral video of a man’s post workout leg cramp shows us the painful side of being fit and muscular. The video captures the bizarre movements that our muscles do when suffering a cramp and the man is yelling in pain as the weird looking cramp passes and with it, takes all your desires ever to work out.

The post works out cramp video was uploaded by a United states resident, Angel Bermudez and has already crossed 14 million views. The video was shot in a car and Angel was relaxing after a difficult workout, when suddenly he was consumed with the cramp, and the video of the cramp gives us a clear picture of how painful the process might have been. The video was uploaded on Augst 15 and has gone viral in the past 48 hours.

People cannot help but be in awe of the cramp and the comments of the video highlight all the questions that we have in our minds. From comparing the cramp to the Hulk transformation to calling it the birthing of an alien, the internet came up with some wide variety of words describing the extremely painful cramps. Other good-hearted souls gave him some basic advice to avoid having cramps and scolded him for not stretching enough!

See the video man suffering from painful leg cramp

While it is common to get cramps when we forget to stretch well or have enough water before a workout, this video has clearly shed new light into the intensity of pain caused by these cramps. This video is undoubtedly one of the best excuses to avoid working out! Jokes aside, this video is the perfect example to show why it is important to have ample water and stretch during a workout. And (apparently) working out is good for your health and contributes to a better lifestyle (or something like that).