Recife: In a heartwarming gesture, that is winning hearts all over the internet, a shop-owner of an electronics shop allowed a little boy to use a tablet to complete his homework.

The student identified as Guilherme Santiago, is a class V student at the Abílio Gomes Municipal School in Brazil’s Recife and lives in a low-income locality that has no access to internet. As per reports, the store employee spotted him doing research assignment on one of the store’s tablets and didn’t stop him. He insisted that the boy use the tablet to finish his assignment.

“I didn’t say anything, I was scared. The man [store clerk] asked what I was doing. It was a work about the Southern Region. It was worth 10 [minutes] and I took 10,” the boy told G1.

The video which was first shared on Imgur went viral after it was shared on Twitter, with people appreciating the sweet gesture and claiming it was ‘Humanity at its best’.

“Humanity at its best… This child doesn’t have internet access at home, so a store in the shopping mall allows him to use their tablet to do homework,” the video’s caption read.

However, many people were also saddened by the video and explained that internet is quite expensive in Brazil and low-income families can’t afford tablets or computers.


After the video gained attention, Samsung donated two tablets to the boy.