Everyone likes playing prank on their friends. But playing prank on parents can definitely lead to unimaginable sorts of consequences. However Mike Fox, a Youtuber who create prank contents and uploads them on his channel played a prank on his mother and it is hilarious, with an embarrassing result. Mike, does all sorts of pranks but text pranks seems to be his favourites of all time.

These text pranks are not the ordinary ones actually. Rather, what Mike does differently is he text song lyrics to the person on the other side and confuses the shit out of them, and those are hilarious. Replies which Mike gets to his text are weird and surprising of all sorts. This time Mike pranks his mother, sending her lyrics from the chart buster ‘Sorry’ song by Justin Bieber.

The conversation starts of normal when the mother seems to be surprised after receiving the first two lines of the song. The conversation takes weird turns lyrics after lyrics and eventually the mother starts to think if her son has been high on drugs and having sex all the while, and she has been clueless about it. (ALSO READ: This stand up comedy on Indians lacking toilet etiquette is spot on hilarious!)

mother mike

The mother looses her cool and texts her warning to get back home and she will take it from there. Mike plays on the prank for a while, until thing get really messy for him, so he reveals the prank to her mother telling all the texts she received are lyrics form the ‘Sorry’ song.

mother mike 2


To state the obvious, Mother seems to be really annoyed and angry just doesn’t seem to give a damn about it.

Can’t say if Mike really got dinner that evening or for the coming days.

Better not prank your mom like this, she might give you  plate full of ‘chittar’ for dinner.

Enjoy the prank here:

source: mike fox/ Youtube