As of now, several videos that captured the disaster after the Lamjung earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale hit Nepal and northern parts of India. The powerful earthquake has claimed over 6000 lives and thousands are still unaccounted for. The rescue operation is still under-way. Nepal’s Army Chief General, Gaurav Rana fears that the death toll in the quake could be as high as 15,000. (Also watch: Nepal Earthquake 2015 Video: Shocking footage of building collapse)

A number of buildings had caved in or developed huge cracks. Many of the city roads have suffered wide craters because of the impact, affecting movement of vehicles and rescue operations. Numbers of aftershocks were felt after the massive quake.

Here is yet another video showing the panic situation among people when the earthquake struck the Nepal. This video is CCTV footage of one of the busy roads in Kathmandu at the time of Earthquake. The video has captured the moments seconds before the quake hit the road followed by the destruction that happened.

This CCTV footage shows how the earthquake spread fear and made people extremely scared. A building collapsed within fraction of a second. People are seen running for helter-skelter in search of a safe place.

Watch the scary video of earthquake in Nepal below: