Global warming is one among the alarming issues the world is today facing. Its effects have started depleting our natural habitat which poses as a major threat. One of the major contributors to global warming is smoke and pollution which adds to the reduction of ozone layer. With environmental problems being on rise this advertisement for air pollution talks about the condition of humans.

The ad shows how humans instead of trying to reduce carbon emission and save earth, are getting adapted to polluted air.  The ad is an eye-opener of how through all the years the entire human race concentrated on self development hurting nature and its beauty. It is a sarcastic tone on how the world today we live in are polluted and yet no concrete step is taken to reduce the reduce it. Their caption reads, “Change air pollution before it changes you.” (Also Read: Air pollution kills over 5.5 million people worldwide annually)

A research survey revealed that more than 5.5 people lose their lives worldwide due to air pollution of which India and China are major culprits. Both the countries are together accountable for 55 per cent of them. Just coal burning contributes majorly for poor air. An estimated 366,000 deaths in China in 2013 occur due to this. The researchers also said that unless strong practices are adopted, the number of premature death due to air pollution will increase in the next two decades. There could  be 990,000 to 1.3 million premature deaths in 2030.

Watch the advert by WildAid China and GOBlue.