The Pyaar Ka Punchnama monologue is quite amazing we don’t deny it. But if there is something more cool, it is nothing but this video of a guy ranting about the ‘in thing’. We are talking about dating apps. The Dramebazz video describes how we have started dating these days. Check out the video Dating Apps Ka Punchnama.

The guy goes on ranting about how just swiping on the Tinder and other dating apps are making it more difficult for guys. He is trying to break it down to simply one fact and debunking the myth about successful casual sex on Tinder! This video will definitely leave you in splits.

It is all about someone faking to be a vivid traveling with a camera strung to the neck with some wannabe DSLR pics makes it when compared to the rest of them. Guys get desperate when the search radius moves on from Mumbai to Bangladesh but eventually they end up being forever alone after spending so much time on Tinder.

The best thing the girls on Tinder know how to do is to give somebody the boot. How they hand tight with a profile that says wanderlust and sapiosexual. UPSC at times seems much more easier to pass when compared to the Tinder task. You will be amused to see how much the guy seems frustrated with the dating apps in India. You will move on from the different version’s of Pyaar Ka Punchnama monologues once you listen to the dating apps ka punchnama. Watch the video below.