Marriage between two individuals brings in lot of changes. Thus, decision of getting wed-locked itself holds a lot of responsibility. A lot of things between the two like, compatibility, mutual understanding, and fitness of both the individuals holds a lot of importance. Yes, you heard it right! Health and fitness is as much important in marriage as much as it is while applying for jobs or joining any service. Health and fitness tests before getting married have been a issue, less spoken of and even less considered.

A Mumbai couple decided to highlight the issue and spread awareness about it. The short film titled ‘A Premarital Question’ brings out the issue in a simple way yet lends a thought-provoking impact. Shalini and Vaibhav are about to get married in next 20-days. It is pretty obvious and natural for both of them to feel anxiety. But Shalini is not concerned with marriage preparations, rather she has doubts which are very relevant and important to the couple’s future lying ahead of them. Shalini put forwards her doubts to Vaibhav and asks for both of them to get medical tests done before getting married.

No wonder, Vaibhav was little shocked and appalled as it puts their marriage on the risk. It is only when they both realize, that a shock before marriage is better than a trauma for lifetime after marriage. In in beautiful way the message reaches out clearly. Marriages are done in this country glittered with rituals and celebration. But why not a medical test can be taken out before marriage, which will ensure both the partners of their happy life may be together or not, that certainly depends. (ALSO READ: Find Your Beautiful: A short film featuring Radhika Apte is a must watch for every girl!)

The short film is uploaded on Youtube by Ashima Theatre Group and the story is written by Silky Agarwal who also plays Shalini in the movie. Mayank Singh plays Vaibhav in the short film has directed it as well.

Watch the video here and we hope the message reaches to everyone: