This girl's pregnancy prank on her boyfriend goes wrong: What happens next? (Watch video)

It is almost on the bucket list of every girl who is in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend to prank him with the pregnancy trick! Now normally this prank works very well, as most of the time the guy is not ready for such news and is caught off guard. But what happens if the guy knows that he is being pranked at and comes up with a better prank to counter it?

This video is a hilarious turn of events. A girl who is trying to fool her boyfriend Erik with a fake pregnancy report and capture his reaction on camera, fails to hide the camera well and the boyfriend spots it. What results is a very funny conversation between the couple, as Erik reverses the prank on the girl. In the end, both of them burst into tears.

Erik later reveals to the girl that he knew her pregnancy was a prank, and bursts out laughing hysterically telling the girl that she needs to do better the next time! (Edited by Shweta Parande)