What will you do if you are travelling in metro or local and see a gay couple cuddling to each other or just having their own time? Clueless! You should do exactly the same thing you will do when you will see a heterosexual couple doing the same. Just mind your own business and don’t bother them and every other passenger. But this happens in an ideal world. Apparently, ours is not!

However someone took the courage to see where the world will head to, if they have homosexual couple sitting with them in the same compartment of the train or any public sphere. Julius Dein performed a social experiment in subways and streets of London. He was accompanied by two of his other friends, who played gay in the social experiment and Julius played homophobic.

They board the train and Julius starts to disgust the gay couple because them kissing makes Julius sick. This happens in front of the other passengers in the compartment. The reactions from the other people are really overwhelming and it comes a pleasant feeling to see the word accepting ‘Love is Love’. (ALSO READ: After Orlando shooting #Twomenkissing across the internet is the warmest social media response)

After the shooting which took place in Orlando killing number of gay couples by a homophobic man, this restores our faith in the world. Some people area going to do whatever it takes to make this world a better place for everyone.

Watch Julius Dein performing the social experiment here: