There is nothing in the contemporary modern world that comes even close to the popularity and fame achieved by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. The last book was published in 2007, ten years ago, and the last movie came out in 2011, the world is still enamored by the franchise and the series. The fandom and the Potterheads have subsequently managed to keep the interest in Harry Potter alive and it seems that it is one of those things that will probably stand the test of time. Now an Indian classical version of the popular Hedwig’s theme from the Harry Potter movie has been released which does full justice to the haunting and well-loved music from the film. If Hogwarts opens in India we’re sure this is going to be the school song and trust us you would love it so much that you would wish it to actually BE your school song! Developed by Mahesh Raghavan this Indian version of the Harry Potter Theme song will make you yearn for your Hogwarts letter and wish that Hagrid arrives at your doorstep bearing one.

The Indian version of Hedwig’s theme has been composed by Mahesh Raghavan, the original version was composed by John Williams as part of the Harry Potter soundtrack. The music is so good that you can’t wait for your Hogwarts letter to arrive. The video that was shared on YouTube also features some cool VFX and cinematography by Tharun Joseph and Amitha Arun. Mahesh Raghavan shared the video on his YouTube channel which has already become viral fetching a cool 14,780 views. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, New Augmented Reality Game Being Developed By Makers of Pokemon Go

Watch the video here:

Mahesh Raghavan shared the video on his Facebook page as well which swiftly became viral, after all, Potterheads are probably the most vigilant and loyal group of people ever.

The music is so awesome that it actually brings goosebumps and you cannot help but imagine Harry Potter buying his cauldrons and magic wand and receiving Hedwig as his pet owl. Mahesh Raghavan’s music will definitely make you yearn for the Hogwarts letter that you never got.