New Delhi: Sahar Tabar, a social media celebrity, has been arrested on the order of Tehran’s guidance court as she underwent cosmetic surgery to look like Hollywood star Angelina Jolie — albeit a spooky version.


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The charges against Shahar include blasphemy, inciting violence, gaining income through appropriate means and encouraging youths to corruption. The guidance court particularly deals with social and moral corruption.

If you are a social media buff, you may have seen these photos before where Sahar, the 20-year-old crazy fan of Angelina Jolie, recounted how she managed the transformation. Apart from several cosmetic surgeries to change her facial features, Sahar also went on a strict diet to bring her weight down to 40 kg. The before-and-after photos are shocking as she apparently didn’t resemble the Hollywood star at all. She had beautiful eyes and normal lips and cheeks. After surgery, yes, she looks like Angelina with protruded cheekbones and fat lips. But the similarities are eerie and she looks like a ghost version of the superstar. A lot of makeup and prosthetics go behind those photos. Not all liked those photos as she doesn’t really look pleasant. Still, the makeover helped her gain a lot of traction on social media. A lot of people said if an Angelina Jolie fan wants to enjoy herself like this, no one should be the spoilsport.

In some of these photos, she could be seen wearing a hijab.

Cosmetic surgeries are becoming popular in Iran because of social media stars like this, reports said. Tens of thousand surgeries are being taken place every year. Instagram is the only social media platform not banned in Iran.