This is America is Childish Gambino aka Don Glover’s latest music video and its been going viral since its release on Saturday Night Live, an American TV show. It has been aking the internet world by storm as its a graphic video addressing current issues in the country like Gun Violence, Police Violence and Racism.

This was a surprise drop by the singer and actor Donald Glover and instantly went viral with more than 47 million views on YouTube now. People have been referring as one of the most important voices of the current generation.

Some things that have been noticed by people in the song are the warehouse that has been chosen for the shooting of the song has support beams that are white in colour which is being interpreted as the base of the country being built on white supremacy and domination.

Childish Gambino is shirtless, wearing gold chains in his neck along with grey pants which are giving a 70’s vibe. They’re some interpretations of him taking inspiration from the Nigerian musician Fela Kuti.

He has also taken inspiration from predominantly African dances like Shoki and Gwara Gwara.

There have also been comparisons with being inspired by Jim Crow imagery.

Of course, the underlying theme in the video shows a lot of gun violence along with shooting up a church choir which seems to be inspired by the Charleston shootings.


Sza also appeared in the video with her hair looking like Lady Liberty.

Liberty .

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This video gives its viewers a stark reality check about marginalising issues in the society today.