There are a lot of rapes happening in the country and the news is flooded with reports of molestation and rape reports. Every other days there is no lewd comment being passed at a woman or someone is being eve teased in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other cities. Be it a metropolitan city or a small town or a village, the desperation of Indian men seems to know no bounds and they are willing to go to any lengths to quench their need for physical gratification. The image of India has become maligned all over the globe because of the staggering number of sexual assaults in the country. [Read: 14-year-old boy makes a woman pregnant in Madhya Pradesh]

There are political leaders who like to support the act rather than condemn it and take effective actions against people having the feeling that they can get away after doing anything that pleases them. The primeval approach of such men needs to be changed and may be it is time that primeval punishment is brought back like chopping off the reproductive organ of those who violate the sanctity of another human being. [Read: Mumbai motorcylist attacked by drunk girl and two friends

A majority of times the person who ends up taking advantage of a woman in an inebriated state is a friend or a family member. This is really sad and shocking as well to know that someone you thought you could trust would droop down to such heinous levels and shatter the life of a woman. Ladies, please drink responsibly but even if you do get drunk, we think that the video below is exactly how a drunk woman should be treated.