Yuka Kinoshita, a Japanese girl, likes eating competitions and finishes the challenges commendably. But what is surprising is that she is thin and even fitter than you and me. Yes, Yuka eats so much (you can find that in her YouTube channel), yet she manages to keep herself fit. That is just one amazing part about her. Also Watch- This Japanese restaurant sells poop!

In her latest challenge, the girl eats not just one pack of bread but ten. Each bag contains ten slices of bread. And to simplify maths for you in total she will be eating 100 slices of bread that too in just one sitting.

Yuka eventually finishes the task and yes she looks bit tired as well not full on the stomach, though. She recalls, ”halfway through my jaw got so tired, I believed this was so tough, but I felt like I had to finish what I started and well it was pretty tasty as well.”

While Yuka ate 100 slices of bread, mostly plain, she used jam and butter as toppings as well just to add taste and in-between would drink water as well.

We are just amazed how this pint-sized girl could eat so much. Think you can beat her? Give it a try then.