There’s a reason why Japanese schools are famous all over the world. They teach children a lot of life lessons right from a very young age. The video shows us not only how kids are taught the importance of labour and are taught to be self sufficient, it also teaches us how kids need to be taught to respect all jobs and every worker – there’s no job that should be considered as ‘low’ or ‘poor’. Japanese schools do not have a lunch break. Their lunch period is treated just as their learning period where they are taught life lessons. The children carry a table mat, chopsticks and even a toothbrush to school!

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When the recess bell rings, at the end of the period, they are taught to first offer respect to the teacher and thank the teacher for teaching them and imparting knowledge. Then, depending on which class they belong to, they either go to the kitchens where they bring the food trays to the class or simply wheel the food trolley to their class. But wait, before that, they have to dress themselves up. Each and every student of the class tucks their hair in a shower-cap, wears aprons and gloves and wears masks over their faces. If someone has a cough or cold, the student is not allowed to serve others that day for fear of spreading bacteria!

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That is not all. The students are even made to clean the school – including the staircase and toilets as part of cleanliness and to teach them the importance of being clean and not littering. Isn’t it absolutely amazing? These schools are setting some major goals for schools and other educational institutions all over the world! Total respect!