This Summer there is something new to ward off the heat that is troubling you. If you are done with using fans, coolers, and air conditioner, there is something new awaiting you. Have you heard about the air-conditioned sofa? Well, check out the video below to know more about this brand new couch that could be the most useful thing this Summer! This sofa will keep the soaring temperature away from you. You can now laze around even more during Summer, thanks to this sofa that comes with an AC.

This amazing sofa can bring down the temperature by 50 per cent just in a span of one minute! The AC sofa is invented by Gujarat based inventor Dashrat Patel. The sofa works like a split AC, one of the unit is linked via a pipe to the unit outside. Also another thing to rejoice about is the fact that it uses 20 per cent less electric energy than any other regular AC. Check out the video below to know more about the air-conditioned sofa! (ALSO READ:Say no to plastic! Use Bakey’s edible cutlery made from millet, rice and wheat!).