Humans have always subjected their will and atrocity on animals. They trouble animals, kill them for pleasure, keep them trapped in zoos, use animal skin and hide for selfish purposes, etc. And sometimes, animals get their way back. With humans encroaching their environment with cities and technological development, more often that not the poor creatures have no space to escape to and finally enter human settlements. The fight between animals and humans have been going on for centuries an humans are clearly winning while destroying them.

In this video, a man is in the sanctuary and they are trying to demonstrate something. He very bravely enters the elephant’s zone and has a make-believe fight with another man. He gets pushed down in the fight and can’t stand up. Just as they begin fighting, an elephant rushes into the picture and begins circling the fallen man. He also offers his trunk to him for support and keeps circling him, keeping him safe till the man can stand up and walk.

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The video is beautiful and teaches us how gentle and emotional even the most violent animal can be. In the past, we have seen many examples of human babies reared by animals where the animals kept them completely safe and away from harm. If animals don’t feel threatened by your presence, they do not even remotely harm you. In fact, animals are quite trusting. Once you show them even a little love and care, they are yours forever. They’ll assist you even in the slightest of difficulties and problems. Being friends with animals is beautiful and this video proves just that!