A woman named Brittany LeBlanc Welch posted a touching video of her husband reacting to the news of her pregnancy. But what was so special about this video that it went viral within hours of sharing. David, Brittany’s husband is deaf and when his wife made the pregnancy announcement in a brilliant way, David could not hold back his tears. This moving of video that captured priceless emotions of this hearing-impaired husband has become a sensation on the social media with as many as 1,067,004 views on YouTube.

Brittany handed a gift parcel to David and filmed his reactions right from opening his gift to the beautiful moments of realization that he is going to be a daddy. The description of the video read, “This is how I told my husband, David, that he will be a Daddy! Video filmed October 8, 2015… I was a few weeks pregnant, and found out earlier that day.”

The dad-to-be opened the gift bag containing a Baby Ruth candy bar, a bottle of Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer and two positive pregnancy tests. David communicating in American Sign Language (ASL) explained the contents and with a shocked look asked Brittany “You’re pregnant?” Seconds later, the viewers cans see tears rolling down David’s eyes as he looked overjoyed and emotional at the same time over the big news. We are sure the viewers watching the video would be in tears as well. Now watch this moving video if you still have not.