It’s that time of the year again when you are ready to play host at New Year’s Eve party. You have invited your guests, ready to make New Year toasts with fun drinking games to play while welcoming New Year 2017. New Year’s Eve parties are a big deal, but this year it is going to be an unusual and highly significant event. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to address the nation on Saturday, December 31. The announcement has caused an uproar in the country. So for a different New Year’s Eve 2017 celebrations, pubs and nightclubs have made arrangements to stream PM Modi’s 31 December speech live. There is a lovely New Year’s Eve game which we think will be apt for celebrations while listening to Narendra Modi’s speech. This fun drinking game is every party animal’s dream come true!

Twitter user Akshat, who shared an interesting drinking game that must be tried in the New Year’s Eve party. A graphic designer by profession and an art director with Zomato, Akshat tweeted a picture related to PM Modi and his lovely words which have been a part of the ferocious leader’s speech for a long time. Modi’s vocabulary which mostly begins with his evergreen word – Mitron, followed by words like Desh Ki Janta, Mere Pyaare Deshwasiyon, Neeti, Bhaiyon Aur Beheno, and more. On the same lines of simple drinking game, the game participants are to take a sip from their drinks when Narendra Modi uttered the specific words. This seems like a legit, intelligent idea to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 31 evening.

Akshat who had created the design two years ago shared it on Twitterverse, so fellow Indians can enjoy listening to Narendra Modi’s speech at 7.30 pm on December 31. He tweeted, writing, “Mitron, here’s the Modi Drinking Game I made two years back (in case you’re gonna start drinking at 7:30 pm tomorrow).”

The crazy drinking game has also been taken up by pub Social in Mumbai. They announced a mouth-watering offer with the tagline reading: “Grab A Beer Or Shot At INR 31 Today At Social Each Time Modi Says #Mitron In His Speech”. Narendra Modi and his stirring speech are turned into a memorable game taken up by anyone and everyone.

When the announcement of PM Modi addressing the country on New Year’s Eve was done, Twitteratis went hysterical and hilarious, of course. The last time PM Modi addressed the country was on November 8 about the currency demonetization leaving the country dazed and confused. Cash crunch affected millions of lives, and now the people wait in anticipation on what could be the next big announcement be made from beloved and fiery, Narendra Modi.