When one talks about New York, one hears about the mean streets, the gangsters, the unforgiving, competitive people apart from the glitz and glamour. Nobody talks about the good side of it. Just like any big city in the world, there are successful people and poor ones. One homeless man travelled on the subway and in the freezing winter, the old samaritan didn’t even own a shirt. He was travelling on the train/subway. A man sees this and goes up to him, removes his shirt and hands it to him. He doesn’t hand this over to him but drapes it with it.

He doesn’t stop there. He takes off his beanie and puts it on his head too. The video was caught on film from a near empty train. This will certainly change people’s opinion about the ‘Big, Bad world of New York’. Such was the impact of this touching gesture that it went to create ripples on social media. People have been waxing lyrical about how a little effort can go a long way in making this world a safe, better and certainly a happier place to live in. Watch the video bellow: