A wedding reception is incomplete without dance. First dance for a couple means a lot. They choose their favourite song and want it to be a perfect one. Whether it is an Indian couple or a foreign, the newlywed prefer a romantic track. But have you ever imagined a couple from the west would have thought of going for a dhinchak Bollywood track on their special day? A video of the couple named Dave and Carol is doing rounds on the Internet. This newlywed and their guests shows perfectly how to groove to the song Bollywood song London Thumakda!

Yes, this couple have danced to the popular wedding track song from the film ‘Queen’ in which Kangana Ranaut played the lead role. It is the bride who takes the lead and slowly the groom, bridesmaids and other guests join on the dance floor. The bride has worn a dupatta on her gown to give a touch of that desi feel. She kicks of her heels and dances in full swing. This amazing couple have included the typical Indian dance steps and it is fun to watch. (ALSO WATCH: Watch this funny video in which babies are dressed in weird costumes!)

The guests are seen clapping, singing and dancing in the background. It is clear that the couple and their guests have had a fantastic time doing this dance. Check out the video linked in the player below and tell us, how you found the wedding dance!