The world is a strange place. Even though there are millions of people living at the same time on Earth, yet we often find people looking or resembling each other. Our film industry is full of people who work as body doubles for actors and actresses since they bear a fleeting resemblance to these superstars. Sometimes these resemblances are natural and sometimes people start dressing up as their favourite actors and actresses and start looking similar to their idols. However, it is real uncanny when you find a common person resembling not one but two celebrities. This guy from Pakistan bears a striking similarity to the boy-who-lived Harry Potter and the singing sensation Zayn Malik. Now, Harry Potter and Zayn Malik are two of the biggest sensations of today’s generation so it goes without saying that anything related to them makes news.

Tallie Dar, a twitter user from Pakistan but based in Ontario, Canada shared his pictures online which took the netizens by surprise. He tweeted out two photos of himself with disheveled hair and round glasses, signature looks of Harry Potter but the Twitter users thought he looked more like Zayn Malik. Tallie Dar tweeted out two photos of himself with unruly hair and round glasses and captioned the picture as, “you’re a wizard harry.” The tweet swiftly went viral with many Twitter users replying to him and asking when is he going to drop his new album. People mistake man in Magaluf for Morgan Freeman, he happily clicks selfies with them!

Tallie Dar is a perfect mixup of both worlds Harry Potter and Zayn Malik and is making everyone go weak in the knees on internet. After the Pakistani chaiwalla who stole everyone’s hearts it seems Tallie Dar is the next internet sensation. Lionel Messi doppelganger Reza Parastesh is a selfie sensation in Iran! Taken into police custody for disruption

His tweet sent social media users in frenzy and they soon started replying to him, thinking that maybe Zayn Malik was pulling a prank on his fans. Pakistani Chaiwala Arshad Khan walked the ramp and floored everyone! (See hot pictures)

Sample a few tweets below:

Twitterati took him to be Zayn Malik

Seriously, when is Zayn coming out with his new album?

Tallie Dar is funny too

Twitterati gave him a new name which actually fits.

Tallie Dar left the netizens confused

Harry Malik or Zayn Potter?

This name has a nice ring to it

The lovechild is more attractive according to Twitterati

Zayn Malik’s doppelganger

Tallie Dar’s resemblance is striking and he is definitely cooking up a storm on the internet. The only thing that is missing from his pictures is Gigi Hadid. Tallie Dar maybe should start appearing for Zayn Malik in public too after this.