Mumbai: Onions have left customers teary-eyed as prices of the staple continue to soar prompting netizens to come up with hilarious memes to drown their pain in humour. Meanwhile, thieves in India have now started skipping on stealing cash and are instead focused on stealing the very pricey onion. But not in Mumbai!

Despite numerous reports of onions being stolen in other parts of the nation, a sack of onions placed outside a closed restaurant near the Sewri railway station in Mumbai, is now going viral. Popular Mumbai blogger Gopal MS shared the photo on Twitter, the sight of which he found ‘remarkable’.

He captioned the picture as, ”Believe it or not. Is this is how safe mumbai is? A sack of onions placed outside a restaurant to be picked up when it opens.”

Well, the picture was shared massively and netizens had a lot to say about it. Many joked that thieves must not have stolen the bag because the name of the restaurant has ‘Delhi’ in it.

Some got a little emotional and lamented that the country is safe for cows and onions, but not women, referring to the Hyderabad rape incident.

There were some who didn’t quite believe the picture and termed it fake.

Good for Mumbai, though the situation in other parts of the country are not as favourable.

Just today, a farmer in Richha village in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh lodged a complaint that unknown persons have stolen onions from his farm. As per the farmer, the quantity of the stolen onions was about 6 quintals worth around Rs 30,000.

On November 28, onions worth Rs 20 lakh were stolen when they were en route from Nashik in Maharashtra to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, the government on Tuesday revised the permissible stock limits for the commodity with immediate effect.