Sometimes all we need in this world is a little bit of love. There are many examples of people who often give up or are depressed and all they need is a little bit of attention, someone who shows them that they matter and someone who cares for them. It was such a case where a young guy was sitting on the ledge of a bridge, all ready to jump off and end his life. Suicide is mostly not a whim or something done by people in a moment. There often is a lot of planning that goes through the person’s mind before taking the step. There is a whole lot of confusion , hopelessness and a determination to escape the sorrows by ending life.

However, sometimes, people who are all alone and have no joys in life too feel depressed and unwanted. For them, life is a dead end and a burden they forcibly have to live with. At such times, they seek to escape the pain and loneliness by ending life. But they aren’t really sure of themselves. They are scared of living and of loneliness and yet they don’t want to die. The guy on the ledge of the bridge was perhaps one such lonely guy. Such depressed people only need love and support. The just need someone who makes them feel wanted. The person could be a friend who helps them,their family or perhaps just a stranger – but someone who guides them on the correct path.

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The policeman, without using any force or any threat, slowly, gently approaches the man on the ledge. He does not force him or order him. Instead, through the video we understand that all he does is talk kindly to the man. He keeps talking and helps build the man’s trust. Eventually, he makes the suicidal guy get off the ledge and come back on the road, and then he does the most amazing thing – he hugs him. Seeing the way the suicidal guy hugs him back, it becomes clear that all he needed was someone to show him he mattered and that someone cared for him. Truly beautiful!

Note: The video does not have any sound but then, humanity doesn’t need a voice.



Pretty powerful to watch… A man in North Carolina was about to commit suicide, but this officer stopped him… and then gave him a hug. Like it, share it and spread the love…Posted by Jason Fechner RTV6 on Friday, 11 September 2015