No, life’s not fair. There’s a whole lot of dissatisfactions and things you do not like. Life isn’t always smooth. It doesn’t work the way you like. There’s ups and downs, a whole lot of disappointments and also, many times you wonder why things happen the way they happen. You do not see any reason or rhyme to them. And then, when something goes wrong, or things take a turn for the worse, then it’s always the blame game we play with God, asking, no demanding why we deserve this and when will the misery end. We’re so wrapped up in our own selfish thoughts that we do not spare even a moment to think of the troubles of those worse off than us!

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When it comes to our kids, we want the best for them. We love them no end and do everything possible for them. But then, do we ever think anything about those children out there who are less fortunate? We lavish all the love on our little one but then somewhere, there’s someone crying for that love. We give our child the best of food and when he throws a tantrum, promptly feed something else, but somewhere, there are kids who do not get even a square meal a day. We think nothing of going to restaurants with our kids but when a child with a rag comes to swipe our tables, we hardly even glance at him. The divide exists and it is strong. Unfortunately we choose to turn a blind eye.

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UNICEF’s latest video on the unfair life children lead is hard hitting. It will make you think and wonder about the life of those children who are not as fortunate. The video will also open your eyes and hopefully, help you bridge the gap between the fair and unfair. And also, the next time you see one of these, you won’t turn a blind eye but choose to help them out. Because if we do not bring the change we wish to see, it will never truly arrive! See the beautiful video and decide for yourself – and warning, this one will bring tears to your eyes so be prepared!