Among many viral videos on Twitter today, one is making the most sense to the users. It’s a powerful video about domestic violence that has been shared by a woman that goes by the name of Jenan Moussa on Twitter and her bio reads, “Roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV. I mainly report on Middle East topics. Specialized in checking garbage bins for secret documents &ISIS laptops. Horse Rider.”

The video that Jenan shared shows a young girl depicting various stages of domestic abuse and how a woman is conditioned to live in an abusive marriage despite facing so much. It begins by showing the happy stage of a relationship in which everything feels dreamy. The video then progresses to show how a woman usually ignores the initial acts of violence and then when things start going out of her hands, she tries to hide her bruises with the help of makeup. At last, the girl shows her helpless face that has bruises all over. Watch the video here:

Check out the comments on the video now:

It’s sad that domestic violence is one of the major women issues that is commonly discussed all over the world. Women all over are struggling for equality but when she fails to find support in the person she loves the most – her husband, her world shatters. This video is a great example of making women aware that they don’t need to live in an abusive relationship. There’s no justification for violence and they are not supposed to bear their abusive partners all their lives. Get up, move out, there’s never too late!