Punjabi women are always considered as aggressive and passionate. Here’s a video of a salwar-kameez-clad Punjabi woman, who not only accepts the open challenge of thrown by a professional wrestler, but also pins down her in seconds. The video of the fierce fight between the Punjabi woman and a pro-wrestler is going viral on social media.

In the video a professional wrestler throws open challenge during an event held by Continental Wrestling Entertainment, a promotion and training school launched by the Indian WWE champion The Great Khali in 2015. A Punjabi woman, who is wearing a yellow salwar-kameez accepts her challenge and jumps into the ring. What happened next left everyone stunned. (ALSO READ: What if your arranged marriage meeting turns out to be with your last night’s Tinder date?!)

The woman attacks like an angry tiger after being pushed by the wrestler. She knocks down the woman wrestler in seconds as crowd cheers on. “She challenged other women in the crowd which got me really excited. I am a huge fan of wrestling,” said the woman. The Punjabi woman in the video is a former Haryana police officer and power-lifting and mixed martial arts champion Kavita. She fought with trained wrestler BB Bull Bull.