Say prostitute and what comes to mind? A helpless woman who lives in a dreary, dark little room with no freedom and no sense of world and current happenings? A woman who has to fight against the fates and who doesn’t have a say in anything. Her life is condemned and she probably does not have any future, any freedom, any will to even hope. Her entire life is around her clients and her pimp. Atleast multiple books and films have taught us so. These women spend their lives in misery waiting for their knight in shining armour to come and rescue them but he hardly ever arrives. And they keep getting disappointed all through.

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However, this is the one take on these women, those called prostitutes that you have not seen before. Just because she’s a prostitute, does that mean that she cannot live her life? That she does not have a brain? Or that she’s a soulless human being? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. She’s as much a human as you and I and she has all the rights we have. This latest video by Imtiyaz Ali takes us right into the life of an Indian prostitute and teaches us, in the very strong way that they too have a voice and that yes, their voice too matters. They are not an object, a thing to use and throw.

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The movie opens with a man in a brothel right in the middle of sex when suddenly, his phone rings and he gets the news that the stock market has crashed. For him, all his life’s savings have gone down the drain. But as he’s talking to his broker, the prostitute he was with suddenly begins to advise him on investments! And before he can ask her to shut up or not interfere in matters she doesn’t know about, things take a surprising turn! What happens next? Take a look!