Even in today’s supposedly advanced world where we are transcending newer boundaries with technology and innovations people are still bound by negative emotions like hate, racism, sexism, and misogyny. The world might have become smaller when it comes to distance it is still farther apart when it comes to harboring love, kindness, and compassion. People are continuously targeted for their religion, race, and colour and are targeted with hate and barbarism. In a similarly gruesome incident, a Sikh professor of religion at Trinity University called Simran Jeet Singh was targeted with racist comments and was asked to go back from where he came from. However, instead of responding to hate with more hate it was his mother’s savage reply on Twitter that won the internet and everyone’s heart. She shut the racists effectively.

According to his tweet that has gone viral on the micro-blogging site, Simran Jeet Singh’s mother just joined Twitter and was aghast at the racist messages that her son was getting. The comments ranged from “go home” to “go back to where (you) came from.” Simran Jeet Singh’s mom responded to the harsh comments with a thank you as she really wants her son to move back to Texas. Simran Jeet Singh shared his mom’s response on Twitter which got him loads of invitations from people on Twitter who were happy to invite him t their cities and homes. Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Co-Star Alan Powell Shared this Image of her Inbox, Twitterati Calls Her One of Us

Simran Jeet Singh’s tweet

He introduced his mom to the Twitter users

His tweet went viral fetching some 24,000 retweets and 142,000 likes. He also received some 1,300 replies. Sample a few tweets below. JK Rowling Shared a Heartwarming Christmas Story of a Twitter User That Will Make You Grab Tissues

Pursuing the American Dream

San Antonio Mayor, Ron Nirenberg invited him to his city

He agrees with Simran Jeet Singh’s mom

Honoured to have made his acquaintance

Welcome to use her guestroom

Need more educated people in Texas

Simran Jeet Singh replied to all the invitations

It is heartening to see that people come together and offer friendship, love and compassion to total strangers and applauding their stance and their family. Simran Jeet Singh your mom is a winner and a force to reckon with, we are sure no one will mess with you now that she has made her presence felt on Twitter.