Heat wave and soaring temperatures is making it difficult for people of the country to step out of homes. With the mercury reaching heights with every passing day, the weather can come along with a list of problems for us, humans. So to save yourselves from the blistering heat this season, here is a list of ways, to cool yourself down. (Also Read: Over 65 die of sunstroke since onset of summer in Telangana)

 1. Drink Water

The thumbnail rule you have to follow when the heat takes a better of you is to drink water, lots of them, litres of them. This is the only way that can keep you body hydrated and live through the hot climate. (Also Read: 8 Foods you must include in your diet in summer to prevent dehydration and stay fit)

 2. Wear light clothes

Avoid wearing layers of clothes in summer. Try wear clothes like cotton or linen which can provide enough air circulation through your body. Tight or body fitting clothes stops the passage of air through them and can cause rashes and itching.

3. Increase intake of fluid food

If your work requires you to be in the open sun for a day long, you can might as well have dehydration. Along with the intake of water, consume raw fruits and vegetables which has more water in it. Watermelon and cucumber are the best foods that will help you survive this summer. At times increased intake of water can reduce the salt in your body, to prevent this you are advised to lemon juice with a pinch of salt.

4. Use of air-conditioner

While ACs are our saviors during summer, the same can make you fall ill. Do not switch on the AC immediately after coming from the sun as a sudden change in body temperatures can be harmful.

5. Intake of specific medicines

There are certain tablets and tonic that can increase your body temperature. While the effect will not visible during other seasons, these medicines will rise heat inside your body. Antibiotics generally does the harm, hence it is advised to avoid them. But if compulsorily prescribed by doctors, you should try explaining your problem and look for an alternate.