it’s become a habit – drinking and driving. You often say and think – what difference will one glass/shot make? But then often, that one last glass is the difference between life and death. There’s little or no thought to the consequences of what will happen after drinking. Many times, we feel we are in our senses, are talking and walking fine and are not even “feeling high”. So we just assume, it is safe to drive. But just because you cannot really feel the effects of your drink does not mean it isn’t affecting your motor skills or your coordination. Often, the alcohol is affecting you without you realising it and can lead to an accident if you decide to drive.

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Simply titled ‘Guilt’, this video is a slightly different take on the traditional drunk driving adverts we see. The video opens in a house where the scene is of dejection. The man of the house has recently passed away and everyone is in a state of shocks. Friends, relatives and well-wishers are gathered around to express their condolences. Suddenly, a man enters and he cannot believe what has happened. He feels guilty and it seems as if it was because of him that this person lost his life. Was he the one who caused the accident? Was he the one drinking and driving? Or was he the one who rammed his vehicle into the other person? Why exactly is this person feeling guilty?

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The video very smartly explores and teaches us that avoiding drunk driving is not the responsibility of only one person. When a person is drunk, it is the responsibility of family and friends to advise them to not drive. Either someone else who isn’t drunk can drive or a cab/public transport service can be used. If one person is designated to take the others home, that person should exercise restraint and not indulge himself. As harmless as “just one” drink might seem, it could be fatal once you step on the road. Take a look at this video and know why it is not always only the driver’s responsibility. If you support drunk driving, you’re just as responsible for the consequences.